About Me

Architect by training, I have worked on the interior design of several high-end residential and hotel projects over the years in both Europe and Asia.  Architecture is one of those jobs you can’t just switch off from, its around you all the time, everyday and everywhere.  Because of what I do, I can stare at a building or an interior for awhile to study the details, critique in my mind and gather inspirations for my next project. It is a common “occupational disease” for an architect or a designer.

I love to travel to see buildings around the world and experience them first-hand, it makes me appreciate what the architects want us to experience in their vision and grand scheme.


Jessica is an architect who lives in Hong Kong. She studied architecture and worked in London for 12 years before seconded to Beijing for work for another 4 years. She eventually moved back to Hong Kong in the year of 2013 to pursue her design ventures.

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