Wine + Architecture

As my husband is in the wine trade, we visit boutique wineries here and there during our travels.  Even though I know very little about these sacred grapes, I enjoy my visits as each winery has a very individual and extraordinary story to tell. Whether it is a 200 year old vineyard or a 5 year old brewery, the experience of seeing the grapes on the vines to the labelled product at the end of the bottling line always fascinates me.

Winery owners and producers are fun to talk to and hang out with.  They are so passionate about what they do which is so inspiring.  Because of their passion and distinctive palate, they give the best restaurant recommendations! I wonder if they’re generally happier people too since they are always exposed to great weather (during the good years) and live in the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

I will be posting some of the very special wineries and breweries we have visited soon. Thank you Cuvees for taking me on these exclusive tours.

Watch this space!



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